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by José Covas on

I've always wanted a prius in order to put a whole bunch of liberal bumper stickers all over...even the ones I don't necessarily believe in...just to watch everyone around here get incredibly angry. It would be funny...but then I also might get shot...so I guess I'll hold off on that for now.

Assalam O Alikum “Be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.

Acorns, so beautiful...from such a small thing unfolds generations of Mighty Oak Trees...this is the magic of love...God's blueprints unfolding.... (NOT evolving ❤).

Acorns, so beautiful.from such a small thing unfolds generations of Mighty Oak Trees.this is the magic of love. (NOT evolving ❤).

Small White Silk Tree Magnolia Bloom Stems | Faux Magnolia Stem Pieces

Magnolia - Small Bloom Silk Flower Stem

This gorgeous large magnolia diameter bloom) looks like it was just cut from the tree on a Southern Georgia Plantation. You won't find a silk magnolia that looks or feels more real than this one.


Vivianite - A soft and malleable hydrous iron phosphate mineral with monoclinic crystals. Vivianite occurs in deposits rich in manganese and iron.