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27 Dinge, die Sie wissen werden, wenn Sie ein Avid-Fälschungs-Tanner - http://berlinmoda.com/schonheit/27-dinge-die-sie-wissen-werden-wenn-sie-ein-avid-falschungs-tanner/

Celebrity Favorite Self-Tanners — Shop Faves Of Chrissy Teigen, Kim Kardashian &

Eeeck - Fashion Horror.

Omg I can't believe people let here wear that on her wedding day! How mortifying. She also must be a huge slutty Mchoebag if she put that dress on and said "wow I look good in this thing, I think I'll wear it in a church!

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Fellow therapist Hillary Arrieta shares what she has learned in running her own massage practice. Good advice for any business.

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This picture divides the skin tones into sub categories. It also adds more darker skin tones than the previous picture.

Lol... this would be awesome if you actually WERE getting them the iPad (or whatever it ends up being) and put that in a different box. Otherwise, it just seems a little mean... :)

Picdump 28.12.2012

My Parents Thought This Would Be A Funny Gift. Sheldon Cooper would definitely approve! Only funny if you watch The Big Bang Theory!

The Embarrassing Moments When I Was Little… I am laughing so hard right now.

I'M DYING please read the whole thing hahahahah Apparently I did not speak french.

Person 1: Do you know how to fit an elephant in a safeway bag?  Person 2: How?  Person 1: Take the "S" out of "safe" and the "F" out of "way"  Person 2: There is no "F" in way  SAY IT OUT LOUD!

How to fit an elephant into a safeway bag

There’s no F in way // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - I laughed way to hard at this!

OH SHIT. - Zombie Amputee gif. I laughed so hard!!

Triple amputee delivers on promise to perform zombie prank-- The fact that the man threw his paper towels at him makes me laugh. I can't breathe I'm laughing so hard

Now this is pushing! Will have to get back to a work out center.

When God made me. I'll add 3 tablespoons each of computer addicted and socially awkward. And just a dash of sexy. Seems like I've run out of sexy. More computer addicted and socially awkward it is. Minus the computer addicted for me.