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Working successfully in a range of mediums that include sculpture, illustration, and design, Smithe also creates intriguing work in the streets of Mex.

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Maya Hayuk - Barn Piece - Inspiration for shed wall mural

Found on Street Art Utopia on fb (http://www.facebook.com/streetartutopia)

A bright and colorful fence made from giant pencil crayons. Check out Colorful Street Art to see another fun pencil crayon design.

Image result for street art christchurch

Image result for street art christchurch

the little blue face

Gängeviertel the little blue face

Street art is usually meant to disrupt its environment and to capture our attention, but the artists on this list practice a special technique that makes their artist even more eye-catching and playful – they tailor their art to its surroundings so that their (usually) 2D paintings seem to interact with their 3D surroundings. Oak Oak, Banksy, and Ernestas Zacharevičius are just a few examples of artists who regularly create awesome “interactive” street art.

28 Pieces Of Street Art That Cleverly Interact With Their Surroundings

German Mentalgassi creative group of artists from Berlin. Specializes in street art. Above clever examples are photos of public recycling bins, ticket validating machines, and public walls.

City climbers

Every year we look forward to seeing the photos of the most beloved street art photos discovered by Street Art Utopia. Here is a selection of street art photos from around the world, each with different


Street art die de wereld mooier maakt

- STREET ART from Olsztyn, Poland, with a little bit of humor / By Adam Łokuciejewski and Szymon Czarnowski / Have a nice day!

Nychos, Look, Germany. - URBAN CONTEST ® MAGAZINE

cartoon graffiti art - Utilizing the bright colors and bold outlines of classic cartoon designs, artist Nychos gives his morbid cartoon graffiti art a playful twist.