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plank lamp

Plank light

Gotta love the modern Plank light fixture by Northern Lighting of Norway. The design transforms the ordinary wood plank into a thin, long and simplistic pendant

FDBB5361-1.jpg (1300×2175)

FDBB5361-1.jpg (1300×2175)

Éléonore Delisse — Day and night lights - Éléonore Delisse designed a light that rebalances our daily cycle. She created this light as a part of her design academy Eindhoven graduation project. A dichroic glass rotates alongside a lamp to project the colours we need to rebalance our circadian rhythm.

Design talents — Éléonore Delisse

Day and Night Light by Élénore Delisse Photographed by Tommaso Sartori and Laurids Gallée “Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) affects millions around the globe each year. Noticing the lack of a.

Shelves customized at www.kjcwoodworkz.com

It's important to have an idea of what you want displayed on a shelving unit before designing custom heights.

VARA Light

VARA Light is a pioneering light system that joins together software, hardware and design — a strengthening trend in product design, and one that .

Alcove lamp | sébastien cordoleani | Feel Desain

Alcove lamp

the simplistic design features a folding lighting implement which produces a diffused beam.