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Judgement Hall (Part 27) by HazeSpawn

Part nine of my Undertale comic, Judgement Hall. My comments for this part: "Dammit Sans you done goofed! Judgement Hall (Part

Judgement Hall (Part 31) by HazeSpawn

Judgement Hall (Part by HazeSpawn on DeviantArt

Our Latest Instagram Crush: These Beautiful Fashionable Flower Girls  - TownandCountryMag.com

Our Latest Instagram Crush: These Beautiful Fashionable Flower Girls

Judgement Hall (Part 42) by HazeSpawn on DeviantArt

Buckle in for happy feels ^^ There actually might end up being 44 parts instead, I'm squeezing more panels in each part to make that work. Judgement Hall (Part

Judgement Hall (Part 28) by HazeSpawn

PTSD don't go away very easily, you guys. What is this mystery pitstop. What could be so important to Frisk? Judgement Hall (Part

Chara & Asriel

Chara & Asriel

I love this because someone FINALLY understood that the original Chara was not bad. She flipping killed herself to get the monsters one soul closer to being free!

Judgement Hall (Part 7) by HazeSpawn

Part seveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen of my fan comic about Undertale! You guys are amazing~~ All right, I'm good for today. Tell me what you think! Judgement Hall (Part

Judgement Hall (Part 30) by HazeSpawn

Heeeey, I'm back from visiting my family for the holidays! ^^ If anything, I have to say: Sans, ya fracking dumb-dumb, why you kill smol child? Judgement Hall (Part