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Männerwams 1570-1600

Germany, doublet, green silk atlas, owned by Johann Wilhelm von Sachsen Weimar

Grabfund aus der Kirche der Frauenburg bei Unzmarkt Oberwams: Seidenrips, Seidensamt geschlitzt; Unterwams: Seidenatlas, Ärmel geschlitzt Datierung: um 1570

1570 Ober- und Unterwams von Friedrich Graf Stubenberg Grave find from the Kirche der Frauenburg castle at Unzmarkt Oberwams: ribbed silk, silk velvet slit;

Fencing Doublet, Leather, silk, linen, cotton. ca. 1580. The Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Fencing Doublet ~ Leather, silk, linen, cotton ~ ~ The Metropolitan Museum of Art

c. 1580 doublet, European, made of silk, metallic thread, brass, The Metropolitan Museum of Art (detail of the decorative silk thread ribbons at the hem) note: the white silk crepé is for the garment support/protection while in the storage, not part of the doublet!

Doublet Date: ca. 1580 Culture: European Medium: silk, metallic thread, brass Dimensions: Length at CB: 22 in. cm) Credit Line: Catherine Breyer Van Bomel Foundation Fund, 1978

Jerkin Late 16th century or early 17th, Italy, Suede leather lined with taffeta and embroidered; padded,

It will be a great distinction between the men. Source: late century embroidered leather jerkin, also referred as a jacket,worn over doublets and cut the same length.

Doublet - 16th c.  (Chest 30 cm, tabs 6 cm. / Green brownish iridescent silk doublet (blue warp, golden yellow weft), Pinking in a square pattern. Collar rising towards the back, no closure. 19 thread buttons at the front, 6 on each sleeve, close together. Horizontal waist, with 12 trapezoid tabs. At the shoulders wings, not padded. The sleeves narrow evenly towards the wrist. Canvas lining, and where the lining is visible, green silk. Collar lining blue silk. According to Fries, new.)

1610 Padded Doublet as seen in Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion: 3 on

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Pelisse (formerly considered to have belonged to King Matthias I)early century - Salmon-coloured silk, today faded to golden, with gold pattern weft; braids of gold thread, silver-gilt buttons.

Doublet ca. 1580-1600 From the Germanisches Nationalmuseum

Doublet ca. 1580-1600 From the Germanisches Nationalmuseum

Men Suits (1611-1632) Suit of Gustav II of Sweden (1620) - Royal Armory and Alwyll Museum CONJUNTO MASCULINO CON CORPIÑO Y CALZON 1611-1632

1620 outfit worn by Gustav II Adolf of Sweden. Royal Armoury, Skoklosters Castle and Hallwyl Museum's collection, Sweden.

Spanish Clothing from 1590-1610 belongs to the collection of @ Museo Reggio Emilia, Galleria Parmeggiani Collection

FCBTC / Spanish Clothing from belongs to the collection of @ Museo Reggio Emilia, Galleria Parmeggiani Collection