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Ha! BBC...Also, *psychopath, do your research.

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MOFFAT: Rory killer - I wonder how long this lasted on Wikipedia before someone "fixed" it.

BBC... Why?! The feels... @Liz Megui . . .this made me think of you, even though I have't got to this part yet.

Merlin/Doctor Who AU canon - ACCEPTED! * actually holding back tears!* does it still hurts so very much

Doctor Who- David Tennant

Oh brilliant what'd you call him? No, you plum, he's called Tony. He was so touched for like seconds

John and Sherlock discuss Cluedo

This scene is so funny, between Sherlock not agreeing with the rules of Cluedo and then Sherlock's angry speech about Bluebell the rabbit. From BBC Sherlock, Series Episode "The Hounds of Baskerville.

Word. ;)

Blame BBC ♡ The Doctor, Rory, Sherlock and John, Merlin, the list goes on and on!

boys in books are better

Boys In Books

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Hahaha!! I have totally done&felt this way before!  "I don't like it." And all the sudden I feel like I'm turning into Moriarty lol "Learn to..."

Exactly how it went down when my friend fell in love with Sherlock. And a different friend didn't love Doctor Who.<----- I usually end up forcing people to try again, because they only watch the first couple episodes of Doctor Who.

Da ist gemein

Most important decision of your life…

I pick. I pick. I pick. After all, Sherlock can solve all the murders he wants while traveling through time and space.