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Imagem gratis no Pixabay - Mar Morto, Israel, Paisagem, Sal

The Holy Land, Jerusalem I've always wanted to visit here and visit every holy location from garden tomb to crucifix site on skull mountain to pathway street to crucifixion to splitting of the sea site to black top mountain Ect.. Be a dream come to simply amazing

You are viewing an unusual image of From Mount Scopus, Jerusalem, Holy. This color photochrome print was taken between 1890 and 1900 in Holy Land.

Israel: Meer van Galilea

Israel: Meer van Galilea

Mount Calvary...where Jesus died and shed His blood for you and me.

Close-up picture of Golgotha Jerusalem Calvary Hill Mount Calvary Jerusalem.where Jesus died and suffered on the cross.

Dead Sea, Sunrise - View from Massada - ISRAEL

Dead Sea, Sunrise - View from Massada - ISRAEL

God bless Israel, the Land where my Savior Jesus Christ was born and lived! Israel is Holy Land, and God will deal with anyone who messes with Israels people or Land!

Putin Foils The Rothschild Zionists In Syria: Stopping Rothschild’s Central Banking Scheme For NWO!

Jerusalem, view from the Mount of Olives-Instead of flowers, they leave small rocks on graves <3

Israeli cemetery ~ (desert climate)~ instead of flowers, loved ones place a stone signifying they came and payed respect to their deceased loved one❤️

To visit Israel one more time, before the Lord sends me around the world.

To visit Israel one more time, before the Lord sends me around the world.

The Dead Sea

En Gedi - The En Gedi Nature reserve is located on the eastern edge of the Judean Desert,on the shore of the Dead Sea, Israel -- ,the lowest place on the earth (approximately below sea level).