Geschichten für´s Leben!  the stories we love best..

"the stories we love best live in us forever" - jk rowling. sums up my relationship with HP

is it weird that I read these all in her voice because I've seen the movies THAT…

hermione granger, emma watson, quotes, harry potter -----------> Hermione's an awesome character 😁

except not really..... Fred

Harry Potter summary of books, Harry isn't smiling except in the first and Ron and Hermione slowly stop smiling

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so sad that it's all over.

He is the reason i learned to read. I hated reading until my dad gave me my first Harry Potter book. Thank you Harry.

A time turner necklace :)

I'd so love a Time Turner. A thirteen year old gets on so she can take more classes.surely someone can spare me one for a week of my senior year! 100 Harry Potter Gifts We'd Love to Find Under the Tree - Hermione Granger's Time Turner.

Harry Potter valentines. Wingardium love-iosa~

Clever Harry Potter valentines

"The ones that love us never really leave us."  -Sirius Black ------------- TRUE LOVE..... :)

"The ones that love us never really leave us. We can always find them in here [your heart] " - Sirius Black, Harry Potter

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