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This made me laugh so hard that I actually had to cover my mouth to keep from waking up children. And further proof that no matter what you look like, someone always thinks you look better than them!! WORK IT! LOVE YOURSELF!!!

"The Oatmeal is hilarious" - Who looks at who in the gym. From The Oatmeal…

Hahaahahaha. Coke/Water man, that's me.

Funny pictures about What your drink says about you. Oh, and cool pics about What your drink says about you. Also, What your drink says about you.

The best piece of NYC street art ever.  A social etiquette campaign from artist Jay Shells.

The artist Jayshells made this sign targeting the texting-while-walking folks among us. I wholeheartedly admit, I'm just as guilty as the next person. Luckily, I haven't had any incidents like walking into a pole or off a cliff.

Eating waffles while sunbathing nude sounds like heaven. I must find this magical place!

The nude people I get but waffles! Who the fudge is eating waffles at the beach?

How bout that one girl that changes it to single a good two times in one week? Then is back in a relationship 30 minutes later..... Just stupid

Status Quo!

I don't understand those couples who fight and a minute later change their status to single. I mean, I fight with my parents and you don't see me change my status to orphan

#funny #attention

#funny #attention

that would be so funny :)

Things to do.

i wanna throw a party with fake alcohol and see how many people act wasted

Making this for my bathroom next house!

But mine should say curling iron. And the oven! Turn Off Your Straightener Door Mat / Area Rug Funny Door Mat, Clever Door Mat