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The Lion King: "Simba, everything the light touches is yours". A real life photo depicting major similarities to cartoon characters, Simba and Mufasa.

Фото Лев и львица уткнулись лбами друг в друга

Lion Love black and white photography Nick Brandt

The Asian golden cat

The Asian Golden Wild Cat The Asian golden cat (Pardofelis temminckii, syn. Catopuma temminckii), also called the Asiatic golden cat and Temminck's cat, is a medium-sized wild cat of Southeastern Asia.

Like the Lion King

"Everything the light touches, is our kingdom". A real life Mufasa & Simba

Awwww I love lions!

I've always loved Lions.maybe because we have the same hair color.and maybe because I'm so protective of my babies. I love this picture. Like father like son

Meeeeeowwwwwwer Monday   Funny Cats

Green eyed beauty - green eyes are stunning!


Tiger taking a dip.


Funny pictures about Tiger In The Snow. Oh, and cool pics about Tiger In The Snow. Also, Tiger In The Snow photos.

Tiger of Winter by Ryu Jong Soung. The snow makes the bold coloring of this gorgeous cat even more remarkable!

African Safari

Sleeping (Spooning) Lions - an opportune moment where two lions appear to be sharing a special moment!