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Sad but true.

Romance movies destroy relationships because they deceive women into thinking those kind of situations actually happen in REAL life. Men are equally deceived by PORN movies.

I think I found my sister in law's Christmas present!!

as far as anyone knows, we are a nice, normal family - SO going into my house!

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You tell that mickey character I want his autograph Or there are gonna be four blind mice Baby Godfather


T - Shirt Selection Fail. SHIRT WHAT ennui an wanna; you and your op is a fag comments fail Shirt nerd Gay fag homo funny hilarious LMAO AE American eagle

Let's get real crazy tonight, put the kids to bed early, crack open some Ben and Jerry's and catch up on the 30 Rocks we have recorded on the DVR

This has ACTUALLY happened in our house. It was Cinnamon Buns + 30 Rock on Netflix.