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THIS is the funniest six and a half minutes on the internet. I have watched it a hundred times and died laughing every single time. Died. Laughing. Just watch it.

I seriously cried! THIS is the funniest six and a half minutes on theb internet. Drew Carey laughed so hard he cried. Just watch it.

5743. Yep now hand it over.


Funny pictures about Dear Millionaires. Oh, and cool pics about Dear Millionaires. Also, Dear Millionaires.

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If you think someone is staring at you, yawn. If they yawn, they were staring. Too funny!

Who hasn't done this?  lol

The first time I rapped all of Lose Yourself by Eminem. That awesome feeling of how gangster you are the first time you rap your favorite part of a song without screwing up.

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"Don't be shy" Wow thanks, you cured me. -_-  Relatable post #6051

hahaha dont ever think that you are going to make me feel better by doing that because you have not cured me people.

"The only thing worse than having a spider in your room. Is losing a spider in your room!" :: Lc- they're always easy to find though. Just look under your pillow.


Now you have to wrestle them down take away their phone and then throw them in. Completely ruins the fun of the surprise attack! :P I think pool parties should demand phones to be put into a container so anyone is fair game to be thrown in.

I painted this exact picture using the Bob Ross system Scott got me for Christmas one year!! <3 Bob Ross lego - love.  My Dad was a painter and loved his show :)

bob ross lego man :D .I always loved Bob Ross and his "happy little clouds"!

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Yeah people say that. Don't worry, the spider is smaller then you. haha Gotta remember this! I love this post. Now people might understand how I feel towards spiders.

Roar I'm a dinosaur!

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they are just about to let you out and BAMMM they throw homework in your face!

Except sometimes I do things (like eat ice cream) without asking. I'm such a little rebel.

I do what I want, when I want, where I want!* (*If my mom says it's okay)