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101 Creative Coffee Latte Art Designs That Will Energize You Just By Looking

It may just seem just an ordinary coffee day when you'd sit and wait for your cup. How yummy and fun can your latte get? That's where Latte Art comes in.


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L'art dans la tasse de chocolat ou café au lait, latte...

Mastering latte art needs years of practice. You can still try out your inner coffee making skills to make latte art on the top of espresso with these latte art tips.

Coffee (stains,coffee,brown,font)

Writing coffee with the "coffee cup stains" is nice. The original stain that makes the "C" was probably enlarged to create the "f", overlaid to create the "e". The nice brown color that remind us of real coffee stain.

Dragon latte art - cappuccino con dragone art café

Tanna Coffee appreciates all forms of Latte art/ coffee art and we use it for our own inspiration here in the factory where you can see the coffee roasted and freshly made by our skilled baristas.

¡Súper lunes!

Coffee ♥ Art Cat latte ♫♪ Almost to pretty to drink !