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Gerelateerde afbeelding

Gerelateerde afbeelding

The guitar's all very well, John, but you'll never make a living out of it.- Mimi, John Lennon's aunt

Lennon (left) and the rest of the Beatles arriving in the US in Black-and-white picture of four young men outdoors in front of a staircase, surrounded by a large assembled crowd. All four are waving to the crowd.

Rubber Soul (The Beatles)

how to play Norwegian Wood on guitar solo by paul mccartney John Lennon George Harrison Ringo Starr the beatles Rubber Soul rhythm acoustic shutup and play guitar tutorials lessons how to play teach

10 Best Album Covers..

The Beatles: Abbey Road Album Cover Parodies. A list of all the groups that have released album covers that look like the The Beatles Abbey Road album.

It's always so fun to see these three on one mic :)

The Beatles, (George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney) live in concert, Washington D.

The Beatles wave to fans assembled below their Plaza Hotel window after they arrived in New York City on Feb. 1964 for a short tour of the United States