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Bookfessions I stay up all night just to finish a book. When I'm done with that one, I just grab another one and keep on reading.

This is when my mom tells my dad that he's an idiot for just dropping me off at one and leaving...and she sits outside and blows up my phone til I leave

Bookfessions I can't enter a bookstore without first setting a concrete time limit. If I don't have somewhere else I have to be, I will never leave.

Hmmm...actually, this is not always true. I usually end up with my head exploding because they just messed up the book, and I make my husband crazy because I"m saying" what is wrong with these people? they messed it up1 They ruined it!". It can get nerve-wracking...lol

I hate seeing movie adaptations of books I love. After seeing it, I can't remember what the fictional people and places looked like in my mind.

It's an emotional experience.

15 Things You'll Understand If You Love the Smell of Print Books

Bookfessions The small of old books is the best. A close second is the smell of new books.

if i only i was invited to parties.....

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I am a Belle ~ she fell in love with his love of books, not his looks. Okay, maybe it was his library. ;)

Belle will always be my favorite Disney princess plus the fact that she looks like me;

I would die if all the books in the world disappeared.

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But the very best friends are the ones who I can share books with and who introduce me to new books. @Amy  Lee

But the very best friends are the ones who I can share books with and who introduce me to new books.

I always get at least one weird look when I say I'm gonna reread a book:( they don't understand!

Rereading books is one of the best and misunderstood things that someone can do.