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driving around all night, screaming your name out the window

She muttered something under her breath and I hoped for an instant that she wouldn’t just chuck the pile of leather at me. But today was even colder, and I knew her shirt was thin which would make a long walk around the building with no coat particularly uncomfortable. Clinging to the thick coat, she followed me to the front of the building, slowing only when we neared the front door.--Ignition

As I walked toward the room, the hallway began to spin and the red lights pulsated along with the ringing in my head.

Darkroom developing.

Creating a darkroom…

Own a house that has a darkroom built in, or build a working darkroom onto my house. Something awesome about actually developing photographs.

Le Café Chéri, ça colle - tout le monde le dit ! Mais surtout, c'est une ambiance. Un blind test tous les mercredis ou presque et on peut s'y attabler tôt with no guilt : happy hour de 17h à 20h en semaine. /// Café Chéri(e), 44 Boulevard de la Villette, 75020 Paris /// - { Recommended by Excevia Chauffeurs & Services - Paris www.excevia.com }

(Café Chéri(e) – Khoo's local hangout

traffic lights

Sometimes simple ideas lead to amazing results, and Lucas Zimmermann& photo series Traffic Lights is a perfect example of that. Lucas started the project in 2013 but now he& back with Traffic Lights and all of the images are oddly satisfying to look at.

Traffic lights if the fog near Weimar, Germany.

Lucas Zimmerman is a photographer based out of Germany and for his series Traffic Lights, the photographer captured some incredible traffic light visu.

Lucas Zimmermann's Eerie, Astounding Images Of Traffic Lights Beaming Through Mist

Lucas Zimmermann Captures Traffic Lights at Night – Native Ken Eyewear