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koalas are funny. koalas are smart. koalas are so cute. koalas are brave. koalas are herbivores.


Everyone will love to have puppy as pet in their homes. But a male or female puppy which one should be brought home is confusing.

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When someone claims I'm not up to date on the latest memes

Adorable! Love the smile!

I'm not one for the pun, but the picture is sssssoooooooo cute! I love otters!

funny bunny  . 25 Best Funny animal Quotes and Funny Memes

25 Best Funny animal Quotes and Funny Memes

cutiest baby bunny ever! my fav. animals are bunnys as you can tell lol i use to have one but we gave her away:( i was sad and i still miss her but lol this bunny is so cute! lol i should probly shut up so yeah cutie

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Daughter Gets Birthday Surprise Every Year From Her Father Who Died 4 Years Ago


The unnamed cub, one of a set of triplets born late last year, was photographed by Olga Gladysheva at Moscow Zoo last month.

Now  where  r  those Dam  crackers   i.m feening for  crackers ;-$

Cheese and Crackers. When you have the cheese, but not the crackers. I was cracka-lackin!