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Putumayo Reggae Playground- fun songs, CDs, and videos for kids to learn about reggae! I love world music lessons for kids to be exposed to different genres.

Reggae for Kids!

Here are some of our favorite songs and CDs of reggae for kids, to introduce your kids to the greatest bands, such as Bob Marley and Ziggy Marley and more!

Spanish Songs for Kids: Cantaré GIVEAWAY, ends at midnight, Nov 23. 3 CDs for Spanish Playground readers. Offers a combination of clear, accessible language, culture, and fabulous music to children learning Spanish. #Spanishkidssongs http://spanishplayground.net/spanish-songs-for-kids-cantare/

Spanish Songs for Kids: Cantaré Giveaway

Spanish songs for kids on the new CD Mucha Musica by the group Cantaré. Giveaway of 3 CDs. Clear songs with Latin rhythms teach kids language and culture.

FUN Kids Books About Music

FUN Kids Books About Music

Some of our favorite & most requested picture books are kids books about music - including everything from Hand Hand Fingers Thumb to My Family Makes Music.

Putumayo Kids Music - Hawaiian Playground CD

Buy Putumayo Kids Music in Australia at Entropy online with free gift wrapping and quick delivery.

Listen to beautiful Hungarian Folk Music: the light, energetic, produced by flutes, horns, duda (the Hungarian bagpipe), zither/citera, and the violin. Listening to a variety of genres of music helps kids learn better!!!

Listen to Beautiful Hungarian Folk Music

Introduce your kids to energetic and colorful Hungarian Folk Have kids interact by clapping, dancing, and plying instruments.

Teaching Kids About the World Through Music | Multicultural Kid Blogs

Teaching Kids About the World Through Music

1 Experiences a variety of routines, practices, and languages C. 2 Learns within the context of his/her family and culture. 2 Expresses self creatively through music, movement, and art.

Making Music with Kids ~ Learn Play Imagine

Great ideas for parents, classroom teachers, or music teachers to teach music to small children (mostly preschool/early elementary).