The Fairy Tale Horse…He has a lot of the WOW factor…an incredibly stunning horse…could you have dreamed of a horse with more perfect markings and color..?Photo by Westmoreland Farm Gypsy Horses
vrindavanarymer: Você está brincando comigo?  VOCÊ está brincando com este cavalo ??!
Very Impressionable Gypsy Vanner.
Pura Raza Española
Hermoso  caballo                                                                                                                                                                                 Más
Pferde kaltblüter schwarzwälder
LOL....but really, if you can't bring them into the house, make sure they are warm and covered!
Irish Tinker Stute, Hengst und Wallach- 5-6 Jahre- 150cm- Falbe ...
Heart of a Horse Photo by Gosia Makosa