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Linux users.. =D

Usuarios de Linux según… [Humor]

I want to reinstall linux once a month, and then decide against it.

Operating systems ordered by difficulty

Funny pictures about If operative systems were cars. Oh, and cool pics about If operative systems were cars. Also, If operative systems were cars.

A Field Guide To Fanboys

A Field Guide To Fanboys

Fanboys: A Visual Field Guide Joey is a cross between a Linux Fanboy and an Android Fanboy.


It's funny because it's true: Windows vs Mac vs Linux. and yep, I'm Linux

GlusterFS in AWS

How to configure a distributed filesystem with replication using GlusterFS

Apricity OS, una distro elegante y atractiva | Apricity OS, an elegant and attractive distro | #Linux #Apricity #OS #Distro

Installing Apricity OS, new OS, Works Like Mac OS linux distro, Elementary OS Rival

I used to tell people this about a 500GB drive too, but just look at us now. So much stuff!

Micron is still priced at a bargain valuation even after a strong run-up in price. Micron’s strong recent success is likely to continue this year. I expect the