Erkunde 50s Küche, Retro Küchen und noch mehr!

1962 GE Woodtone Stove and Fridge Not much to look at but work like tops. Stove controls are on the wall. Ann-Marie Meyers
Original pink stove in 1954 house. Still works I had a pink stove and counter top and tile floor in my 1958 ranch house. Kept my white refrigerator until it died and by that time the popular color was dark brown, pink was out. So I got a brown one. That was ok because my bathroom was pink and brown.
Lovely canisters- this would be so easy to replicate with coffee cans, paint and some decopaged scrapbook paper. DOING! :)
CA. 1961 house with original pink Frigidaire stovetop and oven. Unfortunately, the fridge is long gone but we do have the original pink doub...