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London-based Malika’s work is incredibly popular, largely due to its instantly recognisable style, but also due to her incomparable skill at the art of simplifying down an image to its bear essentials and making it sing.


ユーモアが光るだまし絵アート集「Negative Space Art」: DesignWorks Archive

Israeli graphic designer and illustrator Noma Bar has created an amazing series of illustrations featured in his book titled 'Negative.

The Grand Budapest Hotel · Flat

Grand Budapest Hotel Flat A little tribute to The Grand Budapest Hotel Wes Anderson movie on a flat design version.

Malika Favre — Eduardo Campuzano

Malika Favre

GCT Set of 6 illustrations commissioned for the 2012 issue of the Global Champion Tour. Art direction by MeriMedia

●•‿✿⁀by: Malika Favre‿✿⁀•●

Malika Favre y sus Formas Inconfundibles

Malika Favre – TOTO (Winkreative)

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Malika Favre |

Kind of confusing, or not sure what the story is, but there is something delightful about the clean lines and limited palette and using the gif for direct narrative.

Malika Favre: Illustrated Journey – Fuerteventura

Seven illustrators including Malika Favre, Mads Bergs and Jens Magnusson have created artworks inspired by the Canary Islands for a new online tourism campaign devised by Tenerife design studio and commissioned by the Canary Islands Tourist Board.

Malika Favre: Ilustraciones llenas de color y simpleza! | Undermatic

Malika Favre: Ilustraciones llenas de color y simpleza!

Illustration: Malika Favre graces swimming pools, empty and full alike for ALDO