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: ) I changed Jack's outfit to a coat tail but I haven't drawn the full version of it yet. Hiccup is wearing his mother's veil. The veil has lace-ish snowflakes loosely sewed on so when when he wal.

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I'm Kade :) , just a crazy fangirl from Thailand. I post my art sketch ,doodle ,color work and.

@info_seoyeon  일전에 그렸던 빈티지 빅포 코스튬이 맘에 들어서 한번 더 그려본다는게 게으름때문에 이제서야..(스레기 재구만 서민이라던가 히컵 왼다리는 나무의족이라던가 하는 뻘설정도 쫑쫑 토요일에 엽서로 나와요~ㅎㅎㅎ

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Hiccup reminds me of Sherlock Holmes. And Jack is his Watson.

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HTTYDxROTG AU - Dreamworks University If Hiccup and Jack are an ordinary students and they were a roommate XD Hiccup has a cat ,he rescue this stray cat from the car accident that made this cat lost a.

In which Hiccup steals all of Jack's fangirls. (I actually don't like his new look so much, I miss his dorky Hiccupness :( )

In which Hiccup steals all of Jack's fangirls. ~ Well I guess Dream Works needed to one up ROTG some how. But as much as I like Jack, Hiccup's pretty darn cute too.

"Paperman," animation art for paper airplane short film.

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