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Captain America and black widow XD ADIA IM DIEING OH. MY. GOSH.

revolutionaren: I’m hoping Marvel are building up to a punchline here where the poster for Captain America 2 will be Natasha looking fierce whilst Steve clings onto her.



That's interesting because it can't happen like that

Read Capitulo "Mini Rogers" from the story Momentos. by Mrs_Cherrydark with 436 reads.

yaio, yaoi, superfamily

I don't ship stony but I do really like the thought of my baby Peter hanging with the avengers.

Black Widow + Captain America

*ahem* Man Smut Monday Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff belong to Marvel .

Próby bycia romantycznym przy przyjaciołach

Sam and Bucky getting on Steve and Natasha's nerves lol. I kinda ship Nat with either Steve or Bucky basically either way I will cry happiness.

so you guys know how Chris Pratt is really good with hair and how Jeremy Renner used to be a makeup artist?

Chris Pratt: "I'm hair" Jeremy Renner: "and I'm makeup.

Nooooooo my babies

Captain America and Black Widow.

Steve Rogers asks Natasha Romanov the true burning question from Captain America: Winter Soldier.

Steve Rogers asks Natasha Romanov the true burning question from Captain America: Winter Soldier. -- I'm SO GLAD I'm not the only one who was bugged by that! I doubt that Sam had a blow dryer and a flat iron.

Art based on the post by flowerhulk.tumblr

Art based on the pos

Captain America (MCU) - Steve Rogers x Natasha Romanoff - Captasha

Ugh, society, please stop kind of, basically making me ship Black Widow/Cap.

My feels exactly!!!! #Romanogers

Natasha's down cast eyes kill me, I know a lot about body language and down cast eyes signal defeat, lying (to both yourself and other) or shame.

100 maneras de decir 'Te amo'  - 091 #wattpad #fanfic

100 maneras de decir 'Te amo' - 091

If found frozen please return to Stark Tower-hahaha Steve Rogers(Captain America) and Tony Stark(Iron Man) and a little bit of Natalia Romanova (Black Widow) ~I can't get over the Iron Man scarf he's wearing.

Avengers: Tony and Bruce by *Phageous. Science buddies!

Avengers tony stark's guide to having fun at work iron man bruce banner hulk steve rogers captain america funny fan art marvel comics

Loki and Thor from Avengers

Loki Cat and puppy Thor

THIS | I love Iron Man and Hawkeye, but Black Widow is just as great...and there's never any merchandise for her

I did get the Black Widow one they made because of the backlash they got. But still there needs to be more Black Widow merch.