Holy crap this man is fuc***g awesome - Chris Hemsworth

Holy crap this man is fuc***g awesome - Chris Hemsworth. Yeah, I had to give him and Chris Evans their own boards.


diana-prince: “Chris Hemsworth photographed by Markus Jans for Icon El País ”


even though Carthon is a bit more sarcastic than anything i've seen Chris play in, he is the closest person I could think of that would be good for my Wish List Cast of Kalarum.

Chris Hemsworth en nueva imagen de Thor 2 En la Oscuridad

Thor: The Dark World Trailer - Chris Hemsworth, Natalie Portman Ahhhhhhhhhhhh so excited!

Chris Hemsworth. And he is carrying the magic hammer!! Sigh.

Chris Hemsworth holds up the hammer of Thor at Tokyo airport

Chris Hemsworth walked through Narita airport, in Tokyo, with Mjolnir, the hammer of Thor, as he arrived in Japan to promote the movie.