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Just blend in

Just blend in

Just act natural. No one will notice. Just. NATURAL - Meme of a kid playing in a marching band without his instrument but acting like he still has it

That's just...man that's so sweet!

Funny pictures about The Pictures Talk By Themselves. Oh, and cool pics about The Pictures Talk By Themselves. Also, The Pictures Talk By Themselves photos.

Mindset that Makes You can Achieve Anything - PsychTronics

If you are using social networking sites then you are much aware of “Success kid” meme. This kid’s image is used to make fun at various situations that are generally related to either success or satisfaction.

just in case

I normally hate these things and I couldn't care less about the crush and the money, but my wish was far too important to risk the opposite happening.

dogs ftw.  though cats are pretty hilarious.

Dogs vs. cats: emotions

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