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Kingdom Hearts, Feels

Kingdom Hearts XD

Kingdom Hearts XD Oh damn lololololololololololol Now if only some one could use still images from the game this would be even more perfect~ XD

Valentines Day: 13-19 by tenchufreak on DeviantArt

Valentines Day: by tenchufreak on DeviantArt - Donald's face scares me a little lol

Young Sora accepting Ventus into his heart. :3 "You gave me something back that I needed most: a second chance!" -Ventus

Sora accepting Ventus' injured heart, their conversation is quite incredible to say at least.

Kingdom Hearts

#Kingdom Hearts - Sora

Hearts - Sora in a cloak. I've always wanted to see him in one during a game-TT

Axel and kairi

“You'll be… better off now… Roxas." Kingdom Hearts 358 / 2 Days Roxas and Xion