A bit moe assassins creed than steam punk - "Steampunk - Multiple belts with knife holders and a cape.

Kit Stolen. Fantastic Steampunk portrait.

Love the goggles and the awesome dreads. So so perfect! I hear Kit Stolen (the model) makes and sells falls similar to the ones in his hair. He also does scene & costume design.

I really like this Steampunk style, it just feels so, Tim Burton <3 and we all know I really love my Tim Burton :)

hair - end Victorian Steampunk fashion. Feminine with the layers of pearls paired with the leather bustier.

20 Magnetic Gothic Steampunk Women Costumes - Steampunko

20 Magnetic Gothic Steampunk Women Costumes

Hippolyta.  She is the queen of the Amazons and is Theseus' bride.  She needs to look cool, feminine, match Theseus, but she also needs to be a little masculine.  What I like about this outfit is the spilt dress with pants/ leggings underneath.  It makes it look masculine and feminine at the same time.  That is really what I like from this picture. I want to make sure that the outfit is not only modest, but that it is obviously modest. The leggings/ pants must CLEARLY not be bare skin.

Steampunk photoshoot for black-garden. Model: Agnieszka Koseatra Juros and photographer: Tomasz Wnętrzak. Clothes by Black Garden & Lady Ardzesz


Items similar to Goth Masquerade Gown - Fairy Steampunk Wedding Midnight Blue Silk and Black Lace Handmade-Custom to your size on Etsy

Gotiskt. Spets, svart och korsett

Absolutely this and actually used to wear very similar outfits when I would go out dancing. Wish I could wear a corset every day! You can never over-do the accessories

Armor; must pin for the cool details

The Medusa corset. Notice the coiling snakes and steampunk gears. - Spotlight on Organic Armor. for your medusa costume!

Галерея :: Дети в студии

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