Her and her hair are adorable

If I ever get a emo hair cut I would leve my hair it's natural color and cut it exactly like this ☺

(Fc:: Lefabulouskilljoy) Hey! I am Saige. I am 18 years old. I'm pretty shy and insecure, but I will hurt you if you hurt me or my friends. I like to read and write. I sometimes draw to pass time. I kinda famous on Instagram. I am here if you need me. Intro?

-doesn't know how I feel about this pic cuz my face looks weird and I might delete it later cuz I'll get too self conscious so I'm posting while I still have the confidence-

I have a feeling that I need red hair to even look somewhat cute.

I tell people I'm not scared of anything but that would be a lie. I'm actually a big scardy cat.

Gonna write up some video ideas today and maybe start decorating my room. 😊 I plan to film that and time lapse it probably.

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