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Dat face doe>>>I love seeing him like this like smiling and happy, seeing any of the boys smiling and happy just makes me feel good.

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Your finally 20 ! Hazz your a great inspiration for many people and it's ok to fell a little old cuz to us you will always be the harry from the stairs . I love you and hope you have an amazing birthday ♡ Singh Styles !

Harry Styles

Harry Styles reveals his secret to young face. Harry Styles says that with the use of sheep placenta facials in six months, he has maintain his boyish look.

im so tired of people being like "i cant go to the concert, i dont have money" its actually very simple GET A JOB. literally a high end grocery store a couple blocks away from me lets 14 year olds work there. its not hard to get a job lmao. i just became a ref, and im already making lots of money

“Harry Styles being interviewed by Ryan Seacrest on On Air With Ryan, ” (Part 1 & 2 linked below)