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Creative Examples of Paint Packaging Designs

The new paint cans illustrate the playfulness of the world that the Dutch Boy lives in.Years ago, the Dutch Boy mascot was popular even amongst kids. Coloring books and story books featuring the Dutch Boy were published and sold to the young ones.

thats smart, and would look good on your frige for example, almost as good as would on your browser :P

BVD_Lemonaid e gave Lemon­aid and Charitea unique, char­ac­ter­is­tic pack­ag­ings in which the con­tent plays a highly vis­i­ble lead­ing role. Pack­ages that is hon­est, attrac­tive and dis­tinc­tive. Pack­ages of long last­ing visual integrity.

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Wine Labels by Pia Storm & Rine Boland Folden