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STOP TRYING TO MAKE ME LIKE SAIX. UGH. FEEEELLLLINNGGGSSS<<Saïx is one of my favorite characters.

Wow that is so sad, I thought Saix was always the bad guy. Also the thing about Even and Ienzo is so sad.

Aqua KYAAAAAAAAAAAS I love when people draw characters who don't wear their hair up in ponytails my someone seems estatic about it.

Xion: Soooo...don't tell Xemnas...but I invited all the girls over to have a sleep over... Abbyx: *grinning* Nami: *beside her, giggling* Kairi: *walks in the doorway* Hey... Abbyx: *nods* Sup.  ----somewhere else in the castle----the boys are gathered---  Demyx: ...dude...don't you think the cameras are little creepy- Axel: That's the point of a prank, Demyx. It's funny. Roxas: Okay then... Riku: *sighs* Sora: ....heh.

Kingdom Hearts girls: Namine, Aqua, Xion, and Kairi. It now only needs Larxene and Olette to be complete. <-- No screw Larxene she's a bitch.

Beautiful Aqua art done by Nijuukoo (look at that water!)

air_bubble aqua_(kingdom_hearts) artist_name blue_hair detached_sleeves eyes_closed fingerless_gloves gloves jewelry kingdom_hearts kingdom_hearts_birth_by_sleep necklace nijuuni smile solo thighhighs underwater water

Kingdom Hearts III

So hyped about this game so I decided to give it a small fanart. Also, loving the looks of his new outfit, fits him perfectly !

Kingdom Hearts Kairi Edit by zephyr-flutist on DeviantArt

I decided to give Kairi armor parts similarly to Terra, Aqua, and Ventus's. I photoshopped Kairi together with pre-existing parts from various Kingdom H.