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I want this so bad

must find for kelly Blue Volkswagen VW cartoons iphone 4 iPhone iPod Touch case by Pointsale store. If my brother liked cases for his phone I imagine he would have this one.

Keychain Phone Charger | 19 Insanely Clever Gifts You'll Want To Keep For Yourself

mophie Juice Pack Reserve Portable iPhone Charger / Battery Pack - this little key chain will give your iPhone or iPod a boost of power and can be reused over and over!

Google Image Result for http://gadgets.boingboing.net/gimages/sad%20vader.jpg

The Sith Lord is all out of fries.Sad Darth Vader Kid by Alex Brown Photography.

25 Nerdiest iPhone Cases

25 Nerdiest iPhone Cases

Old school gadgets and brainy stuff have been used as inspirations for these 25 nerdiest iPhone cases.

The iPhone Photo Printer - Hammacher Schlemmer - I'm sure the cartridges and whatnot are expensive.

this is SOOO cool! The iPhone Photo Printer - a compact, portable printer that produces photo quality pictures directly from a docked iPhone 4 or iPod touch. With adapter, works with iPhone Android phones, and iPads

Star Trek did it first...

The Android phone though haha! Star Trek was first // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes -

When I cave in and get an iPhone, I want this.

The giving tree iphone case. I WANT IT! :) my favorite book is on a phone case

With all the rumors about a new 9-pin connector on the iPhone, what could be better than a tube of bamboo that amplifies your iDevice or Android phone in a sustainable way? The iBam 2 is basically …

I, For One, Welcome Our iBam 2 Bamboo Speaker

For those who are all about sustainability and going green, the iBam 2 bamboo speakers might be worth taking a look at. Designed for the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy these bamboo speakers…

But I'm a Nerd not a dork...so I need a NE-RD book end pair <3

DORK Text Bookends by KnobCreekMetalArts - I NEED these.along with a set that says "dweeb" and "nerd"