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Ten la suavidad de la brisa,  la fuerza de la ola, el enigma y misterio de las profundidades del mar,  la sabiduría de Neptuno.  Que tu alma sea cual playa virgen llena de vida y alegría,  pero sobretodo que conserve la claridad y la paz. (Anónimo)   Muchas gracias a todos por estar ahí. Besitos cariñosos.

Dandelion Wishes - it may be only a humble weed but look at the way it's put together - Amazing! Even the most humble of us has something of great beauty.

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rugged life A picture from underneath a dandelion! This is such an interesting perspective! - rugged life (This is my favorite point of view)

Leinwand Pusteblume von F. Art-FF77

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dandelion close up plant in wild common edible plants

Edible Wild Plants: 19 Wild Plants You Can Eat to Survive in the Wild

The entire dandelion plant is edible. The leaves can be eaten as greens (in Spring - salads, later lightly sauteed with garlic), the flower can be used to make dandelion fritters and the roots can be dried and used as a coffee substitute.

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We used to blow on these and we would make a wish as all the pieces flew off. THEY ARE DANDELIONS !

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