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Hattie Stewart (the Bronx, New York) ~ World Female Boxing Champion (1884)

Hattie Stewart- World female boxing champion 1884 Wow, now that is really cool, and she is pretty too, and look at that waist line, what a girl!

TV eye glasses - retro We've come a long way, baby!!!

TV Glasses Hugo Gernsback demonstrating his television goggles in 1963 for Life magazine

Protesters march during prohibition, Chicago 1920s


The notorious ban on alcohol in North America sparked both outrage and a renowned speakeasy culture of underground bars and secret parties. Hence, the 1920 also became known as the Prohibition Era. Photo: protesters against the alcohol ban.

Leaping Horse while riding Sidesaddle and wearing a corset. That woman is amazing. Early 20th century

Leaping horse while riding side saddle and wearing a corset. That woman is amazing.

Tea and Boobies

Is this why it's called cup size? (failed trends) Woman with Cups and Saucers - Coffee, tea and her.My tea cups bring all the boys to the yard


27 - Alice Denham, Playboy Playmate for July 1956 with typewriter and a smoke.

"Cow shoes" worn by moonshiners during the 1930's prohibition to hide their tracks from prohibition agents were worn by many in rural West Virginia counties. wem

The Museum of Ridiculously Interesting Things Cow hoof-print shoes, worn by moonshiners during the Prohibition to disguise their footprints from authorities who might be tracking them.

Hope - Russian Carpet: Daily inspiration. Moodboard. Architecture, art, design, fashion, photography.

jumping out of swings. now there would be a lawsuit if some school let somebody's kid jump out of a swing. do they even have swingsets on playgrounds anymore. Do schools even have playgrounds anymore?