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Chris Pine

tom hardy and chris pine <3 <3 <3 Love this movie... Love them. Fell in love with Tom Hardy as Tuck.... Chris Pine is just hot...always!

Chris Pine and Tom Hardy, This Means War

THis means war - tom hardy and chris pine Love this movie. Love them. Fell in love with Tom Hardy as Tuck. Chris Pine is just hot.

///cute as a space captain could possibly be!

10 Truques Para Vestir-se Bem Sem Passar Calor

As long as Chris Pine is Captain Kirk, I will continue to attend Star Trek movies.

By the end of this comprehensive guide, you will master how to make a GIF. (theres this whole thing about how to make a GIF. but I just love this one so much XD )

How to Make Awesome GIFs

Spock Stepped on Kirk's Tail--This is the title on Set Phasers to LOL . I don't get it (since that's Bones running after Kirk, not Spock), but the gif with the caption is really funny!

I'm actually watching "Rise of the Guardians" so I'm on a Chris Pine kick...

Who Wants To Play With Denzel? Every Top Young Actor From Ryan Reynolds To Shia LaBeouf And Taylor Kitsch, That's Who

Can't wait to see Star Trek Into The Darkness but not in 3D~~~ makes me dizzy!

Zachary Quinto And Chris Pine's Bromance Is The Best Bromance

TheFIX chatted with Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and Star Trek Into Darkness director JJ Abrams on their Sydney trip about how to please Star Trek fans, working with the original Spock, and possible cameos in Abrams' upcoming Star Wars reboots.