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Mein langer Flur ist dafür perfekt :) Da kommt dann schon mal das Kind wieder durch ;)

sliding across the floor in your socks. little reasons to smile.

Just girly things. Especially these Pinterest nails designs.

Forget nail designs, I fail at simply painting my nails one solid color!

Pinterest: @anjali202

Not Knowing Which Color To Choose -Just Girly Things .this is every time I go to the nail shop.

One little smile can make anyone's day better :)

One time, somewhere I heard that if you smile at someone you might make their day just a little better because you never know what that person has been going through. Maybe all they needed was a friendly face and a smile.

yeah! its kinda like a panic reaction. like if someone runs into me, I smile and say,"Oh! I am so sorry!" then I think..... hey, that wasn't me fault!

I apologize for things that aren't my fault. And That's Who I Am -- I apologize way too much ;

If you bugged my house while I was home alone, I hope you like hearing disney sung at the top of my lungs.

I love to sing to myself. It keeps me calm. It also helps me get through tough situations. I don't enjoy singing in front of others. I don't have a bad voice or anything, I just don't want others to hear me singing.

Just girly thing. I have never heard something so true to who I am before. I'm working on being that person every day.

Just Girly Things: I Want to Inspire People. I Want Someone to Look at Me and Say, "Because of You I Didn't Give Up"

#And That's Who I Am #Friends

My girl and guy friends. Especially by best friend and boyfriend. That's who I am.

Just girly things :)

Never wanting to get out of bed in the morning ~ just girly things ~

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I love the feeling that I get when i help someone and you can see their happy by the smile on their faces!