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MikQuattro --  Maypole at Midsummer  -  comment from another pinner -- Nobody in Sweden knows the real symbolism.  It's a pre-Christian tradition though - the cross is just a thin veneer of Christianity - so is the Christian name for the day 'Saint John's Day.  There is plenty of folklore surrounding the day - Traditionally minding people attend an official celebration on the day - other's party all night long, as it doesn't get dark..

Beltane (May the ribbons represent the flag -- this one is Swedish -- the 2 wreaths hang on the T shape pole -- w/vines & flowers wrapped around it all -- There's a ribbon winding around to music with Folk in National Costumes from their regions.

Skaven, Kållandsö

Skaven, Kållandsö

Swedish Lapland Sleigh love the high front prow-makes it easier to get over and through the snow.

Swedish Lapland Sleigh

This Sami made Lapstrake Lapland Sleigh was discovered by our Swedish Antique dealer friend. It was made by the locals for reindeer to pull supplies (and their families) through the snowy forests of t

Provinces of Sweden - I live in Skåne, the very southernmost tip.

Provinces of Sweden - the vast majority of my Swedish ancestors are from Vasterbotten and what is marked as Lapland.