DAO: Who Let the Dogs In? by LiliumSnow.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

In one of my playthroughs, I gave Leliana the Ranger specialization and had her and Alistair come rescue my Warden from Fort Drakon. DAO: Who Let the Dogs In?


drawing Morrigan dragon age alistair theirin amell warden x alistair it was funnier in my head.

DAO Comic 01 by HaughtyFlaki.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Silly Alistair, you shouldn& question a Cousland. She knows what& the best strategy to siege a fort and free a couple of prisoners (yes my character is not a very bright Grey Warden.

DAO: Beware the Frozen Heart by LiliumSnow on DeviantArt

My leader is a star pupil and master of all four elements. I should throw a snowball at . DAO: Beware the Frozen Heart

DAO-face to face by Zinoodle on deviantART

yeah you know, for the Gauntlet when you fight your shadows. and Zevran's line is "Maker's breath, I'. DAO-face to face