33 Years Of Waiting Finally Pays Off!

By Josh MortensenIt took 33 years of patiently waiting, but reader John P finally got to buy the classic that’s been hiding in this barn for much of the last 3 decades.

$1,000 With Overdrive? 1978 Triumph Spitfire -

By Jamie PalmerOh, I hate the fact that several of the many Triumph projects I have are visible from my window as I type this. Because this 1978 Spitfire is only one county away from me and the.

1956 Jaguar XK140 MC Roadster

By Josh MortensenIf you look closely you may be able to make out a pair of headlights peeking out from under all that junk. There is, in fact, a 1956 Jaguar MC Roadster hiding in.

Abandoned DB5 ... travesty

we have a continuation of the “Abandoned Cars: A Sad, Sad Pictorial” feature we did not too long ago. A few from that past post may have sneaked their way into today’s segme…

Ferrari Daytona barn find 3

What a find a Ferrari 365 Daytona The only street version of just five lightweight Alloy Daytonas ever built.