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In search of a young architect's life : Photo

ViralNova sits down with Oregon-based photographer Kyle Thompson to discuss his life, his work, and his latest photo series, 'Ghost Town.

Tangerine and Turquoise Wedding Magic  -This week, we have the honor of Babara Boylorn of Dream

Tangerine and Turquoise Wedding Magic

i THINK THESE ARE THE COLORS I WANT :o Today, we are featuring the bold and beautiful color combination of tangerine and turquoise. These two bright and brazen hues work wonders together and create a mood of elation, merriment and boundless love.

New computer screen wallpaper am I right

Have you seen the Star Wars films too many times? Read on to see if you have the symptoms of a Star Wars addict!

Cottage-Style Landscapes and Gardens | DIY Garden Projects | Vegetable Gardening, Raised Beds, Growing & Planting | DIY

Cottage-Style Landscapes and Gardens

[What a pretty perennial garden.] Beauty of Perennials Purple coneflower, daisies, foxglove, black-eyed susans, astilbe and hollyhocks fill this garden.

London-based hand-painted wallpaper with historic roots : De Gournay - Architectural Digest

Glamorous de Gournay Wallpaper with Historic Roots