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An Official Metal Gear Solid "iDroid" iPhone Case? OH GOD I WANT - Imgur

An Official Metal Gear Solid "iDroid" iPhone Case? OH GOD I WANT

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Metal Gear Solid - Snake, Not this ninja. He always has a plan,knife,gun,rocket launcher & what ever a mad scientist can think of building.

Solid Snake Lego by ~samsite-X on deviantART

Buy Lego Solid snake by Sasuki on The legendary gaming character Solid snake from Metal gear solid 4 8146 polys 4155 vertices. - Included textures and .

Raiden [Game - Metal Gear] Official group (18+)

Raiden [Game - Metal Gear] Official group (18+)

10 Hats Every True Gamer Needs To Own

Capcom's Upcoming Wearable Mega Man Helmet Replica Is Flawless

Sniper Garment Kit #1:

Sniper Garment Kit DIY- Get camo uniform, sew camo-colored net onto it, fill net with the items around which you will hide.

メタルギアソリッドの画像 プリ画像

Metal Gear Solid Guns of the Patriots is the final chapter in the saga of Solid Snake which sends him around the world in pursuit of his arch nemesis, Liquid Ocelot.

Batman: Arkham City – Life-Size Harley Quinn (Foam Replica)

Captivate any room with an impressive life-size replica of the Joker’s deadly second-in-command! This actual size foam Harley Quinn replica figure is based on Batman: Arkham City, the second chapter in the acclaimed video game series.

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The voice actors and their characters

Voice actors with their characters (FB: Metal Gear Solid The Legacy Collection)