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Menthol Verbot vor dem Aus – vapers.guru

Menthol Verbot vor dem Aus – vapers.guru


Haha holy fuck this is definitely me when I hit my buddies

Day of the Dead custom engraving on a Paps Lux.

First custom E-Cig I have engraved. Paps Lux.

Umsteigerprobleme – Das Husten danach – vapers.guru

A Billion Lives auf iTunes – vapers.


Don't know if this is accurate, but could be used as a rough guide. Always use an ohm meter.

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Swarovski Crystal Vape Pen by The Crystal Cult - Bling Vape I actually have the full pink vapor.wonder if I can bling it out lol

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I began vaping 3 years ago in hopes that I could stop smoking cigarettes. I was losing feeling in my extremities and I truly believe it was directly related to smoking. I work in a vape shop and advocate Vaping vs. Smoking any chance I get.