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Effective written communication is an integral part of science education—learn some new ways to amalgamate writing and science lessons in order to strengthen students' writing and thinking skills.

Funniest answer someone has put on a test...

Student’s Honest Exam Answer Is Hilarious, Teacher’s Response Is Even Better This is the best thing ever

open letter.

What to say about someone’s art when you have nothing nice to say List by my pal Wendy MacNaughton. Here’s another list of what to say to a director whose film you hated by Pedro Almodóvar, from his.

It's About Time We Had Some New Mnemonics

It's About Time We Had Some New Mnemonics

XKCD, NEW SCIENCE MNEMONICS: "'Sailor Moon's head exploded once' and 'Some men have explosive orgasms' both work for the Great Lakes from west to east (Paddle-to-the-Sea order).

Should I have a cookie? story of my life, in flowchart form...

Should I have a cookie.

Wendy McNaughton's deep-thinking doodle makes me smile.

curiositycounts: “ This Venn diagram to-do list by illustrator extraordinaire Wendy MacNaughton, of Circles of Influence fame, says it all.