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Something I can say I've done. Everyone should do this!!

the most fun thing. need to go to another concert to do it again

young. wild. and free

I hold the best parties in the world every 2 weeks, and everyone wants to join-->only the hottest girls and those that I approve of can-->People come and number over thousands-->I make billions from these parties

Done! I have the best brother ever :)

^^didn't look quite like this car, haha. But, my first car was a gift w/a big bow on it, haha.


Before I die, I want to .i know i cant bec-.ill kiss a cosplayer<<<for me it's Luke Hemmings

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Done ✔️ I sang my heart out with my best friend at a Fall Out Boy concert and I sang my heart out to every lyric of every song at an Imagine Dragons concert

Sing. . . . In the rain, how amazing! I think I've done this once or twice, i want to do it again. :)

I think I've danced in the rain. played in the rain. but i don't think I've ever sung in the rain!

This is my hardest thing to accomplish! I have NO idea what I want a degree for but I swear I'm bound to get it one of these days.

got my diploma in back to school after a THIRTY year break to be a stay at home mom!

Spend the holidays with someone special.

bucket list: spend the holidays with someone special - DONE!