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Lt. Colonel Robert L. Stirm is reunited with his family after being taken prisoner during the Vietnam war.

SAL VEDER / AP Released prisoner of war Lt. Robert L. Stirm is greeted by his family at Travis Air Force Base in Fairfield, Calif., as he returns home from the Vietnam War, on March


Four prize winners in the 1922 beauty show at Washington Bathing Beach, Washington, D.I think if they knew what we think is 'beauty' now, they would be appalled.

Laura Ingalls Wilder (she's the one standing on the right)

Little House on the Prairie: Carrie Ingalls, Mary Ingalls & Laura Ingalls The REAL Ingalls girls

And there are plenty who would bring back this idiotic prejudice. Dorothy Counts - The First Black Girl To Attend An All White School In The United States - Being Teased And Taunted By Her White Male Peers At Charlotte’s Harry Harding High School, 1957


Here's a Normandy Beach landing photo they don't show you in textbooks. Brave women of the Red Cross arriving in 1944 to help the injured troops. Badass Women have ALWAYS been Amongst Us.

Act 3: Hermia believes Helena won Lysander's love with her height. Helena would be played by this vertically gifted woman

Get her some damn shoes that fit for god sake! Act Hermia believes Helena won Lysander's love with her height. Helena would be played by this vertically gifted woman

I never thought there was anything bigger or scarrier than Aunt Bertha......

You expect me to believe she caught that gargantuan fish with the smallest fins in a hoop dress?

Monkey see...monkey do - Pistonheads

Funny pictures about Waiting for Tarzan. Oh, and cool pics about Waiting for Tarzan. Also, Waiting for Tarzan.

It’s official. War kisses during WWII were the social memes of their time.  Here a soldier pauses in the mud of Italy to accept a kiss from a local child as his buddies and dog look on in the background.  Sending this home to your sweetheart and mom probably earned you big points…

Thank you kiss. Elvin Harley of Kalamazoo, Michigan, of the Armored Division, gets a kiss on the cheek from a little French girl while listening to the Armored Division Band near Aboncourt in northeastern France near the Belgium border on February


French Soldier with Gas Mask, circa 1914 - An imposing photo of Equipment for the trenches. A French sergeant & a dog, both wearing gas masks, on their way to the front line.

Susan B Anthony-  Suffergette

“Hey ladies, Susan B. Anthony suffered a beat down so you could have the right to vote.


Armored Division technician Alvin Harley with a little French girl on Valentine's Day, 14 Feb 1945 // this image makes my day every time I see it.

Will Counts, then photographer for the Arkansas Democrat newspaper, took this photo of segregation of Little Rock High in 1957. The black student, is Elizabeth Eckford, one of 9 pupils enrolled in the previously white only school in Arkansas, as a test of the Brown vs. Board of Education ruling in 1954

Elizabeth Eckford is one of the African American students known as the Little Rock Nine. On September she and eight other African American students attempted to enter Little Rock Central High School, which had previously only accepted white students

This image shows an American soldier risking his life to save two Vietnamese children during a fight. This is bravery. A man risking his life to save the enemy's children Only The American Soldier Would Do This !

43 Combat Ready Soldiers Who Look Almost Inseparable From Their Adorable Pets

A soldier of the US Seventh Marines carrying a little puppy in his pocket after rescuing it during an operation southwest of Da Nang in Vietnam, January 1968 (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)

New York City in the 1970s. World Trade Center.#worldtradecenter

wandrlust: “ World Trade Center, New York City, October, 1975 — Jean-Pierre Laffont “ Two homeless men squat in the shadow of the recently completed World Trade Center. New York City was on the verge.