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Anglo-Saxon Archaeology Blog: Anglo-Saxon graves and Neolithic pits and monuments found at MOD army base where anti-tank weapons were tested

The Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) has uncovered prehistoric monuments, Anglo-Saxon graves and military features from and during pre-development works on MOD land in Bulford, Wiltshire, which is earmarked for 227 new Army family homes.

The British Isles tribes in existence at time of Roman'conquest of England

This map shows the approximate location of the major tribes who lived in Britain at the time of the Roman Conquest of Britain in the First Century AD. The sole source for the existence and location of these tribes are Roman writers who visited Britain.

The Canterbury Pendant, early 7th century © Canterbury Museum Service  AOlympic gold medal, 1908n exquisite example of Anglo-Saxon craftsmanship

The Canterbury Pendant, early century © Canterbury Museum Service - anglo-saxon goldwork

The Great Heathen Army of 865, Vikings versus Saxons

Image by Hel-hama based on Stenton 'Anglo-Saxon England' chapter 8 and Hill ' An Atlas of Anglo-Saxon England' p.

Skull of Anglo-Saxon girl and cross. The skeleton of a teenage girl was found buried on a wooden bed, with a gold and garnet cross on her chest. The grave is thought to date from the mid-7th Century AD, when Christianity was beginning to be introduced to the Pagan Anglo-Saxon kings. It was uncovered at Trumpington Meadows by Cambridge Archaeological Unit.

Saxon grave find 'extremely rare'

An Anglo-Saxon grave discovered near Cambridge could be one of the earliest examples of Christianity taking over from Paganism, archaeolo.

Cambridge University Archaeological Unit. cross found in the grave of a 7th c Anglo-Saxon princess

Remains of dark ages princess found in field in Cambridge

Archaeologists excavating near Cambridge have stumbled upon a rare and mysterious find: The skeleton of a teenager buried in an ornamental bed along with a gold-and-garnet cross, an iron knife and a purse full of glass beads.

The Oxford Handbook of Anglo-Saxon Archaeology

The Oxford Handbook of Anglo-Saxon Archaeology