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A Very Short History of Data Science

compSocSci: Key skills for job-hunting data scientists

Eight Best Practices in Dashboard Design - Information Management Online Article

For my money, data science is a four-headed organism with focuses on business, data, analytics and narrative

Developing apps won’t make your business a leader in mobile marketing these days. But you can’t afford not to have a mobile strategy. Developing an app may sound scary. But there are many tools that could help you with the process. This infographic by ASOProfessional.com shows how you can create your own apps:

Best App Creation Tools - Usually we think that creating or developing an app is difficult. Well, think twice, now a days it is getting faster and cheaper everyday. There is a huge range of app creation tools, and in this infographic we want to inspire

movie trailer colors

The Colors of Movie Trailers

Hue Densities found in 312 trailers. Orange an blue dominate movies. By Box Office Quant.

A brief history of data journalism - Key milestones in data journalism's development.

A brief history of data journalism - Key milestones in data journalism's development.

Data Science from the point of #CustomerAnalytics at online-shopping

Data Science from the point of Customer Analytics at online-shopping

Programming Languages of the World

Programming Languages of the World “ The fruit of two days of work. The piece is entitled “Programming Languages of the World” and represents 40 of the world’s most influential programming languages,.

В США выявили 30 странных типов семьи: Наука: Наука и техника: Lenta.ru

What family structures are most common? This chart of 50 types covers of family structures in the US, but that's still missing. Nuclear is still the most common, but there are millions of households in the United States with a different family structure.

Bildergebnis für difference statistician and data scientist

Students in columbia's introduction to data science course come from across the academic spectrum. Their skills are presented here in star charts with spokes representing their skill levels across tha data science skill set.