I laughed, then I cried. Then I laughed again. HIS FACE

I watched that whole Doctor Who episode thinking "Merlin! What kind of a name is 'Jethro' anyway?" Merlin, of course, being a perfectly good name.


Why sleep when you can meme?

*scream* head cannon accepted!!!

Secondly, I watched DW before I watched Merlin. When I first saw Tom Hopper, I thought he was ugly XD It took multiple episodes of Sir Percival before I realized he's cute :p>>>CROSSOVER

Merlin and Arthur

BBC Merlin ~ Merlin Emrys: This is one of those times where I tell you something isn't a good idea and you ignore me, isn't it? ~ Arthur Pendragon: You're learning, Merlin. But you're learning. *Merlin is right*

much love for this

Humor: Doctor Who/Merlin. The only scene from Doctor Who I've ever seen. And it has Colin Morgan .<<<I've never watched merlin but this is wonderful

Bhahaha!  I was laughing like insane at this scene. Arthur was rubbing it in Merlin's face... THE HONOUR!

Arthur was rubbing it in Merlin's face. Merlin's face shows how truly pissed of he is by this guy's actions too😂